Marietta Robbery Defense Attorney

What is Robbery?

Robbery is considered a violent theft crime. While theft involves taking someone else’s property with the intent to deprive them of it, robbery introduces the threat of violence. In Georgia, violent crimes are usually charged as felonies, possibly subjecting you to penalties such as jail time and huge fines. If you were charged with robbery, let me help. At Moore Legal, LLC, I help clients by fighting for their freedom and protecting their rights. Get an experienced Marietta robbery lawyer on your side before facing your prosecutors.

Fighting the Charges against You

With law enforcement and prosecutors doing everything they can to ensure you are put away on charges they bring against you, having an advocate makes all the difference. As a former state prosecutor, I’ve seen how the other side of the courtroom works, and I can help you plan effectively to protect yourself from their accusations. While building a strong case takes time and preparation, and each case is different, there are a number of effective defenses that can be used to help you avoid a conviction.

The sooner you call our firm and plan your case, the more time my team and I have to examine the charges and evidence against you to look for errors, defense strategies, and weakness in the State’s case. These findings often prove crucial to the outcome of a case, so it is best that you call Moore Legal, LLC as soon as possible.

Decades of Experience

I have been practicing law in the criminal sector for more than 25 years, and I understand the difficulties you face when trying to tell your side of the story. You can trust me to take a compassionate approach with your case and help you prove to a judge why you are not the villain the prosecution makes you out to be. Being charged with a crime does not make you a criminal, and my goal is to ensure you get the best possible chance at a favorable outcome.

Our Clients Tell Their Story

    “Above all else, he gets results. Great results.”

    - David

    “Grady never gave up on my case and I can't thank him enough.”

    - Patrick

    “I put all my trust in your judgment and you delivered.”

    - Nikia


Facing criminal charges?

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